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    Q.  Is it possible to make size and/or finish changes to the pieces shown on the website?

    A.  Yes, in most cases we are able to accommodate any change you wish to make.

    Q.  Can an armoire or entertainment center be built to fit both my room as well as my

          specific components?

    A.  Yes, we specialize in building the exact armoire or entertainment center to suit your    

          needs.  That applies both to the style, overall size and interior configuration.

    Q.  Will I be able to talk to someone from Heartwood Industries to get more information?

    A.  Yes, in addition to receiving a response to your inquiries by email we can telephone you. 

         Simply email your phone number along with the best time to reach you and you will

         promptly receive a call.

    Q.  How will my furniture be shipped?

    A.  Heartwood Industries will deliver directly to customers within the Los Angeles area.

         Outside of Los Angeles and across the country your items will be packed and shipped by

         the trucking service that offers the best rate to your area.

    Q.  What are the methods and techniques that Heartwood uses in the construction of each


    A.  Heartwood uses traditional craftsman methods such as dovetail joint drawers and
         mortise and tenon joinery.  We use screws, glue and dowels in the construction of each

         piece to give strength and longevity to all our furniture.  Also, we only use full extension

         drawer slides so that accessibility to a drawer’s contents is made easy.

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